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Other Packaging Material

Types of packaging material
We offer other packaging materials such as PVC foils for blister packing, caps/ closure of metal and plastics, plastic trays for ampoules and cartons for bottles/tubes.
  • PVC Foils For Blister Packing
  • Caps / Closures Of Metal & Plastics
  • Plastic Trays For Ampoules
  • Cartons For Bottles / Tubes

Packaging Material Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules  |  Aluminium Collapsible Tubes  |  Plastic / Laminated Tubes  |  Aluminium Foils For Blister Packing  |  Plastic / Glass Bottles, Containes
Ampoules And Vials  |  Other Packaging Material
Medicinal Herbs Medicinal Herbs & Herbal Extracts

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